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  Billy Jones - April 2009
Ilha Grande already seems so far away and the whole experience something from another existence - I really can't thank you all enough for such a magical time - and for your huge generosity and kindness. The whole experience was so much more than I ever imagined and even more so on reflection. I really think you have found a special spot in the world and the way you are sharing that with other people is fantastic.
And thank you for encouraging me to do the hike around the island - it was a complete added bonus - and definitely cemented the first week. Walking here now seems like a total breeze and I can't believe it but I'm really missing the hills - oh for some good steep climbs....
  Nicola Ryder - April 2009
When I booked the trip I didn't really know what to expect, I knew there would be activities and a detox program but I didn't know how amazing the whole experience was going to be.

From the staff to the people in the group, everybody was so supportive, helpful and considerate. This made my stay even more enjoyable.

I have to admit I wasn't expecting the level of activities we did but once you had completed your days trek or kayaking the pain of the hills was easily forgotten once you arrived back at the lodge and lay in your hammock.

One evening we were asked to paint a picture of something we had seen or something that reminded us of the Island...I can't paint or draw but we all gave it a go !!!!

My painting summarized the island and the experience as a whole for me - I have attached a photograph of my painting.....

I wouldn't hesitate in returning to the Island and staying at the lodge, I will also recommend it to everyone I know.
  Kathryn Seni - April 2008
I want to say that you have created an extraordinary program. The setting is idyllic, the food is amazing, the adventures are fun, the results are positive... But I think that what makes the program so very special is the people. You have assembled an incredible team of truly beautiful and gifted human beings- passionate, kind, warm, caring, nurturing, and generous of spirit.
It is a sincere honor to know all of you, and to be a part of The Island Experience Family.
  Alex Benasuli - November 2008
I have been healthy since Brazil. No drinking, no coffee, fruits every day etc. Also I've been doing yoga everyday as well - at a studio in NYC and on my own when we were at our country house on this island off of eastern Long Island. We went on a 6 mile hike the day of thanksgiving and a 10 mile hike the day after. I feel great! Hopefully I can keep some of it up now that I'm back in Barcelona. I know I will.
Thanks for being there for me. As you know that week really helped me and set me on a positive path and I do feel that enough of it will stick.
  Jennifer Santa Maria - May 2008
I wanted to thank you for a magical week. Thanks to my week long adventure at the Island Experience I now have the strength to make some adjustments in my life that I believe will enhance the quality of my life and of those around me.
Your team has put together an amazing program. Thank you for your dedication. After spending the week with all of you I feel as if I have gained a better perspective on life and how to live constructively according to nature’s principles.
It was the journey of a lifetime!
  Jeff Turano - November 2007
“I think I could walk just about anywhere right now. I feel great. I have not had the desire to watch T.V. and realized I have two children and a wife that need me to be involved in the daily activities. I work a lot and sometimes get into the habit of over working myself. All of you are so genuine. When I say genuine I mean you really care for the people that decide to come to the Island Experience.
By the end of the week we feel as if we have known you our whole lives.I never once felt uncomfortable. I never felt helpless on the trails and I didn't feel embarrassed to attempt Yoga for the first time. Thank you for all that you do. I had certain goals I wanted to accomplish on the trip and with all of your help I was able to make them happen. I feel I am a better person today by just being with all of you this last week”.
  Laura Corrigan - November 2007
Thank you to all of you at the Island Experience for making my birthday trip an amazing week. It was just what I had hoped for. The lodge is in a beautiful location and it is very peaceful. Waking up to yoga was a change for me as I am not a morning person, but I really enjoyed starting (and ending) my day that way. The combination of the yoga with the hiking and kayaking was great, too. Ilha Grande is a beautiful island with so many areas to explore. I enjoyed going to all of the different beaches, villages, the school and other areas.
You do a fantastic job with the organization of everything and especially the food. It was so nice not to have to concern myself with cooking and still be able to eat healthy, fresh food.
I also appreciate you helping me to connect with the children at the school. I really had fun that day visiting them. Congratulations on the opening of the younger school. I am sure more and more families will be getting their children there soon.
I really hope to return some day as you all have created a very positive and healthy atmosphere. I am enjoying listening to some Brazilian music and have already tried a Capoeira class here in Santa Barbara. I also had my two youngest kids try the kids’ Capoeira and they will continue after the New Year. All in all, I loved my first experience in Brazil, try to keep it alive everyday here and hope to return soon. Muito obrigada por tudo
  Elsa Mehary, art director - May 2004
"I absolutely loved this trip! It was the most that I have ever pushed myself physically. It was easy in such a beautiful place with the aid of a great team of hiking guides. The people, guests included really made it a wonderful experience. I'll be back. Hope you are ready!"
  Mellisa Fitzgerald, actress - West Wing April 2005
"The island is absolutely gorgeous. It was such a departure from my everyday life It was exciting, challenging and most importantly, fun-like summer camp for grown-ups. The staff was perfection, the food was great and I lost weight. At the end of the week I felt physically, mentally and spiritually rejuvenated-I loved it! It was definitely an experience I'll remember forever. If you have the chance to go, DO IT!!! )"
  Emily So - May 2004
"The week was incredible, one of the most fun, active, challenging vacations I've ever had. The people were fantastic, warm, caring and motivational. I would definitely recommend this program for those that want a fun vacation, and for anyone that is looking to appreciate fully the lushness of Brazil. And hey, the massages were great too!"
  Dr. Laurence Mailaender - November 2004
"I can't express how sad I felt leaving the island, and truth be told there were some real tears spilled on the boat as we pulled away....I hope our paths will cross again someday.... "
  Juliana Barerra - Feb 2005, May 2005, Nov 2004
"The trainers were very attentive, always aware of where we all were and what we needed. Their incredible enthusiasm kept the group in great spirits even through the tough times. Great attitude to push us to do more than we thought we could do. "
  Christine Lumpkins- May 2004
"And, best of all, I'm eating granola for breakfast, bananas for snacks and salads for lunch and dinner - a big change from my usual burgers, shakes and cookies. I definitely feel like the week was the kick start to some positive changes. Thanks and hi to all. "
  Deanna Vergara - October 2004
"I can’t thank you enough for a fabulous week. It’s made me rethink my patience, the way I eat, relax, challenge myself and will approach my 35th birthday. Yikes."
  Domingos de Alcantara - May 2004
"It is difficult to say what was the best thing about the Island Experience. Maybe it was the trainers' capability of making the guests feel totally comfortable and at ease as if we were all old friends. I found myself nurtured and secure in each new discovery. The island is a paradise and we returned filled with that paradise inside of us. Unforgettable! "
  Stephanie Tuck - April 2005, May 2004
"I love how I felt after a week at The Island Experience: more fit, more relaxed, and my skin feels great after all of those fabulous massages! Bottom line -- great people and a great program."
  Annalise Carol - May 2005
"I just wanted to thank you and everyone at the Island
Experience for a fantastic week. It really exceeded my expectations and I enjoyed every single moment! The entire staff were so nice and fun and friendly, etc. Everyone made me feel really comfortable and welcome and I had a blast. It was a great way to totally disconnect from home and the world of computers, tv and cell phones. I felt totally relaxed and removed. It was one of the best trips I've ever taken (and there have been quite a few!). "