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Encouraged by strangers

At the top of the highest trail on the island with The Island Experience

An encouraging gesture from a family member or a friend is one thing.  In some ways, it can be limited. Don’t get me wrong; I thrive on my dad’s words of hopefulness and my best friend’s cheers of praise. I would not be the person I am today without my family and friends or their undying display of encouragement. But, isn’t it something else to receive encouragement from strangers? For me, encouragement from strangers is unexpectedly productive. Strangers do not often have the context of your entire life’s history, which can lead to biased opinions. Strangers often say things at face value (things you sometimes don’t want to hear!). However, most of the time, these are the exact things that you need in your life to move forward.

Fresh, vibrant, new...The Island Experience

There is no shortage of encouragement  on Ilha Grande at The Island Experience. You are encouraged to try new things. Encouraged to see, taste, smell, touch, listen and experience new things. As well, there is no shortage of wonderful strangers at The Island Experience. Strangers who call the island their ‘office’ (the amazingly dedicated management and staff). Strangers who come from around the world, crossing oceans and roads, to make the island their home – if only for a few days and / or weeks.

Fun and friendship at The Island Experience

While I was leading the yoga program for two short weeks in the 2011 Brazil season, I met and connected with about two dozen amazing strangers. Strangers who trusted my encouragement and teachings in our twice daily yoga practices. Strangers who encouraged and inspired me. Strangers who helped me move forward, progress, learn and grow – as a yoga teacher, as a yoga student, as a spiritual soul. Strangers who have since become friends.
When you sign up for The Island Experience, expect to be encouraged by strangers. Be open to receiving, moving forward, progressing, learning and growing. And know that although you will walk into the experience with a bunch of like-minded strangers, you will leave with a group of beautiful friends.
Light and love,
Jullie Tran

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