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Bom dia!

It’s often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately in the western world it is one of the most unhealthiest meals – and the most skipped! Here at TIEX breakfast is enjoyed the way it should be – an abundance of fresh produce to set you for the day ahead. Fresh fruits, natural yogurt, home made muesli, porridge, acai, scrambled eggs. Everyday something different. Yet all simple healthy ingredients.

If you are stuck for breakfast ideas take some island inspiration from us…

The muesli here has been customized to suit the needs of guests. It can be hard shopping around to find muesli that ticks all your boxes nutritionally. If you have time to make your own that is great, if not buy a good basic muesli base from your health food store then bulk it up with some nuts and seeds.

A muesli base of gluten free grains is going to energize you. Its thought now that most people are gluten intolerant to some degree, some of us can eat a lot more than others. One sign of a food not agreeing with you is feeling really tired or sleepy after eating, so take note of your energy levels after meals.

In our opinion don’t add too much dried fruit to your muesli, unless you are having a really active day. But do add some nuts and seeds, as they are a good source of protein. Most people don’t get enough of these in their diet and muesli is the perfect medium to get your daily quota in. Sunflower seeds are high in fiber and pumpkin seeds a great source of zinc. Almonds are an alkalizing addition.

Start your day tomorrow with a super nutritious breakfast the island experience style!


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