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Archive | June, 2012

Maximizing nutrition – are you getting the most of your salad?

At the TIEX we are always interested in ways to maximise nutrition from food and are passionate about using whole foods in their natural state. Sometimes low fat products may seem like healthy options but we believe in using unprocessed foods. A recent study highlighted the importance of having the right kind of oils in your salad [...]

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Nutrition news: need help to quit smoking – up your fruit and veggie intake

The benefits behind a diet full of vegetables and fruits are endless. Scientific journals are reporting everyday on reasons to include more plant foods in your diet. A study published last week highlighted the importance of vegetables and fruit in those who were trying to quit smoking. For many people wishing to be more healthy [...]

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Food with love!

It’s Brazilian Valentines day today so time to show some love! We believe in a holistic approach to health including nourishing the relationships in your life. Happy people are healthier people. So take the time to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, or go one step further and nourish them with [...]

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Food focus – Onions

Onions have been a savored food throughout history the world over and rightly so as they are a nutritional treasure.  Thought to be a dietary staple in the pre-historic diet they are packed full of some seriously heavy weight nutritional compounds. They are able to absorb more minerals from the soil than nearly any other [...]

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Alkalize your life!

In the  health world you may have heard the word alkalizing being mentioned a lot when referring to diet. Although the term might be becoming another fashionable buzz word it’s really another way of confirming that a diet high in fruit and vegetables is best for us with moderate amounts of grains, fish and occasional [...]

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