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The Prana Yoga Retreat

PRANA is the Sanskrit word for vital life. It is your breath.
The pulse of your heart. The rhythm of your creative genius.
Your guiding life force.

Our immensely busy lives and demanding careers can slowly-but-surely sap away at our Prana. It’s easy to lose touch with our sensual, creative, feminine powers — to succumb to habits of self-preservation, instead of visionary creation.

I’m Kimberly Ann Johnson — a yogini nomad, a healing body-worker, and your Prana in Paradise Yoga Retreat leader.

Yoga has structured and guided my life, since the age of 19. I’ve taught yoga classes and trained new yoga teachers all over the world — from New York City to San Francisco to Thailand to India to Brazil, and beyond.

I’ve been blessed to lead over 40 yoga retreats, and I’ll never (ever!) get tired of watching women awaken and transform, as they allow themselves to be nourished and swept away in tropical paradise.

I have a personal connection to Ilha Grande, our island home for the Prana in Paradise Yoga Retreat. The first time I visited the island, I felt a wild creative awakening — a reconnection to my sensual, feminine powers — which led to the fulfillment of a lifelong dream: becoming a mother. My daughter Cecilia, who’s 5 years old, and I now live in Rio de Janeiro, just a day’s journey away from the island!

Over the past 13 years, I have deeply explored Viniyoga, Iyengar yoga and Ashtanga yoga — and I’ve had a chance to meet legendary yoga teachers and icons, face to face.

My yoga classes are informed by my background in dance, my work as a healing body-worker, the Feldenkrais method of Somatic Education, and sacred philosophies, including the Advaita Vedanta. For me, yoga is about discovering new choices . . . becoming the strong, intuitive and empowered heroine of your own life . . . and really experiencing what it means to be alive, with every breath, and every moment.

Join me for this special retreat October 21-27 2012. Contact information@theislandexperience for more details.

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