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More or less?

Many people think eating less is the way to loose weight, but of course it’s more about what you are eating than quantity – and the latest studies out are showing it’s not just about calories either.

A new study released looked at 2 different dieting options for those trying to loose weight. Option one included eating regular portions of pulses (five cups/week over 8 weeks) of pulses (yellow peas, chickpeas, navy beans and lentils), or option 2 was a regular diet but with 500 calories less.

You may be surprised by the results, but the group eating the pulses lost more weight! The researchers proposed this is because the pulse diet reduced insulin levels significantly compared to the low calorie diet. (Insulin is one of the bodies storage hormones).
Nothing is more satisfying that a lovely lentil soup, or dahl on a cold winters night. Or home made healthy beans on toast. Try cooking your own beans from scratch and add Adriana’s tomato and basil sauce Рserve on toasted wholegrain bread.So this is great news especially coming into the colder months.


Mollard RC, Luhovyy BL, Panahi S, Nunez M, Hanley A, Anderson GH. Regular consumption of pulses for 8 weeks reduces metabolic syndrome risk factors in overweight and obese adults. Br J Nutr. 2012 Aug;108 Suppl 1:S111-22.

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