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Ricotta cheese with green onion and carrots

At TIEX the diet we provide focuses on mainly vegetarian cuisine that is mainly dairy free. The amount of dairy you consume eat day can ad up suprisinginly quickly. That’s why we like to offer you milk alternatives when you stay with us. When we use dairy products we do so sparingly and choose the healthiest options. For example ricotta cheese boasts some great health benefits such as being high in vitamin A, calcium and is a good source of protein. The recipe below we use as a sandwich filling and is great on toast during winter for brunch or supper.

use your imagination to create different flavour combinations

Ricotta cheese with green onion and carrots

What you need…

100g ricotta (1cup)

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp Yogurt (to make it softer)

½ small grated carrot

Salt to taste

½ cup green onions

Lettuce and tomatoes slices

How to prepare…

Smash the ricotta with a fork or grated it using the thin size of the greater . In a bowl, mix the ricotta with some olive oil, yogurt , carrots and green onions. Add some salt to taste.  This is the basics for the ricotta paste. From this recipe you can make many other variations  adding and replacing seasonings.

You can use oregano, parsley, basil, leek, mustard, olives… let your imagine run wild with flavour combinations!

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