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The ‘W’ Questions

You can find lots of information about us on our website but, in case you don’t feel like lifting a finger right now, here is an overview of our what, where and who to give you a flavour…

The story began on an island off the Brazilian coast called Ilha Grande. Martin and Adrianna, who have been running the program since 2004 met whilst working on the island and soon found out that they made a great team. They both loved the outdoors and, each having individual skills they could use to realise their ideas for the program, decided to go for it. In fact, their original slogan was go for the experience as this was in effect what they had done themselves. Like-minded people joined them on the project and soon it was up and running with great results – happy people leaving after their week of fitness and fun, with many returning for more.

Today the program is located at an amazing lodge, tucked away in a remote part of the island. Surrounded by Atlantic rainforest, with its own beach and amazing ocean views it’s a very special place to be. This wonderful hideaway makes for the perfect holiday retreat for those who visit and a unique home for the live-in team who prefer a more secluded way of life. In addition to those whose work supports the business and program, the lodge and its service activities are taken care of by local people. Our seven or fourteen day retreats are designed to rejuvenate body and mind though a guided activity and nutrition program. Alongside trekking, kayaking, yoga and massage we offer creative activities such as art, music and cooking and we create a homely feel here where everyone can feel at ease.

The team or tribe, as we affectionately call ourselves, is group of friends who share the same philosophy on leading a healthy lifestyle in a natural environment. We are people who simply want to share this with others, in the hope that it will benefit their well-being and even inspire some lifestyle changes. Most of the tribe have made a leap into the unknown to find a different way of life and we are an international group. Our tribe continues to grow and we welcome contact from those wishing to offer their skills and experience to us. 

We try to reflect our love and respect for nature in the activities we do, our nutrition and the way we treat our environment. We do our best to live a simple, peaceful and conscious life, open to learning from every person, and experience.

We look foward to welcoming you here one day soon!


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