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Adriana’s Island Kitchen

Where does healthly living really begin?

With good food. Food to make you feel energised, fabulous and alive.

Since our program began this key element of The Island Experience has been the focus of co-founder, Adriana. Over the years she has gained a unique depth to her knowledge and exoerience in producing a well balanced diet that is compatible with exercise. It is her mission to design and create tasty and nutritious food which sustains a healthy active body while it goes through a cleansing process. Her love for her work shines through in every dish, making meal times a memorable part of our guests stay. Adriana also takes an active role in the diet of everyone who works here, plus Lua the dog!

This is Adriana’s philosophy on how to eat well,

“Opting for a natural diet is to rediscover the original simplicity lost in thecomplex civilized world. Turn your kitchen in a laboratory. Start by choosing some simple and natural ingredients you like and start creating your own recipes.

Remember to taste as you cook, enjoy the proces and give lots of love to all your creations.”

So many people ask for Ardiana’s recipes and tell us that they have had a nutritional learning experience during the program. We are keen to help you keep momentum with healthy eating and so we’ll post recipes and advice on the main blog page.

As a taster, here’s a simple one for you to try. This makes for two very happy monkeys…

Top Banana
Orange -100g
Carrot -150g
Banana -100g
1 apricot

Full of iron, calcium and potassium, this drink is great for bones and teeth and keeps cold away. It gives extra power to your exercise.

Kcal – 204
Vit. A – 44570 ui
Vit.C – 88mg
Calcium – 101mg
Potassium – 1475mg
Iron – 2.5 mg


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