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Provence herb sauce

Provence herb sauce 1 cup of low fat yogurt 3 tablespoons of lime juice 1 table spoon of parsley- shopped 2 table spoon of ricotta cheese 1 table spoon of oregano 1 green onion pinch celtic sea salt   Blend all together and serve it cold – easy! It’s delicious on salads, flatbread or flax [...]

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Parsley and bulgur wheat chilli salad

One of the concepts behind the meal planning here at TIEX is getting you to try new things, especially with food. It’s so easy to cook the same recipes using the same ingredients. Bulgur wheat is an ingredient that is great to introduce into your kitchen. Bulgur wheat is a whole wheat grain that has been [...]

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Wholegrain crepes

Being healthy doesn’t mean going without your favourite foods, it just means getting creative. Think of any favourite food and there is nearly always substitutions you can make to take it healthier. Take our crepe recipe for example, using wholegrain flour. Wholegrain crepes can be served at breakfast with honey and cinnamon or can became [...]

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Nutrition to reduce stress

Who doesn’t get stressed around Christmas? Whatever you like to call it “crazy busy, frantic, socially popular” stress has a big impact on your physiology. But don’t get stressed more, as the Christmas season fast approaches follow these diet tips to help keep you cool, calm and collected… Rule One: Balance Blood Sugar The relationship between [...]

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An apple a day…

With a new ‘superfood’ appearing in the media almost every week it’s easy to forget just how good some ‘everyday’ foods are for us. Take the humble apple for example. It’s low GI, rich in phytochemicals, and fibre. The review study below found that apples have been shown to help reduce the risk of cancer, [...]

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Get grounded

If you have been on one of the TIEX retreats before walking barefoot along Lopes Mendes beach probably a memory stuck in your mind. The warm sand squishing between your toes – feels so good!! It’s usual now to spend most of the day with shoes on, but this means we are less connected with [...]

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Vegetable miso soup

It’s cold outside! So now is a time of year your body is really craving something warm. Miso soup is a saviour this time of year for those keeping healthy. Miso ticks a lot of nutritional boxes being a good source of minerals minerals (such as iron, calcium potassium) as well as B vitamins and [...]

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