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Your pace is perfect

I was inspired to write this post by a conversation I had with Alex Benasuli, who is currently with us on the island teaching yoga, when he last visited The Island Experience. We were talking about what he discovered the first time he came to the program – the value of learning how to find [...]

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Laughter is the best medicine – and the best work out!

This morning at breakfast we were chatting about how our bodies were feeling after all the exercise, yoga and massages we had put ourselves through yesterday. Not surprisingly everyone was feeling pretty great. Laura mentioned that her abs were really sore though. Was it the kyaking, the swimming, the paddle ball on the beach, yoga?… [...]

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Encouraged by strangers

An encouraging gesture from a family member or a friend is one thing. ┬áIn some ways, it can be limited. Don’t get me wrong; I thrive on my dad’s words of hopefulness and my best friend’s cheers of praise. I would not be the person I am today without my family and friends or their [...]

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