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Get grounded

If you have been on one of the TIEX retreats before walking barefoot along Lopes Mendes beach probably a memory stuck in your mind. The warm sand squishing between your toes – feels so good!! It’s usual now to spend most of the day with shoes on, but this means we are less connected with [...]

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The 3 main lifestyle factors behind overeating

Overeating is something that is becoming increasingly common. A recent study highlighted the top 3 causes of overeating were watching TV, alcohol consumption and lack of sleep – none of that at TIEX! Many of us can identify with at least one (if not all three) of these causes. You might be sitting in front [...]

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Eating with all your senses

One of the most enjoyable aspects of TIEX is the atmosphere of meal times  - the big family table, the social aspect. Eating should be a joy for ALL the senses so presentation of food and the ambiance is just as important as how the food tastes. At The Island Experience retreats every meal is [...]

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The Four Agreements

One of the great things about being on holiday with TIEX is reconnecting with yourself. Even though our days are full of yoga, fun activities, massage and good food there is still time for some self reflection. The simple fact of being outdoors and meeting new people provides new insights about ourselves. Without the distraction [...]

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Healthy outlook leads to a happy life

It’s one of our core philosophies here at TIEX – a healthy outlook is key to living out the life YOU want. We didn’t need a research study to know that but Melbourne University in Australia decided to put the theory to the test anyway! The study found that the people who believe their life can be changed [...]

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Food with love!

It’s Brazilian Valentines day today so time to show some love! We believe in a holistic approach to health including nourishing the relationships in your life. Happy people are healthier people. So take the time to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, or go one step further and nourish them with [...]

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Alkalize your life!

In the  health world you may have heard the word alkalizing being mentioned a lot when referring to diet. Although the term might be becoming another fashionable buzz word it’s really another way of confirming that a diet high in fruit and vegetables is best for us with moderate amounts of grains, fish and occasional [...]

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