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Food for life!

You are what you eat…so what are you becoming ?

If you stop to contemplate digestion for a moment you realize what a miracle it is. We ingest food … it becomes us! We don’t have to think about it, our bodies just do it – amazing. So the question is what are you fuelling your body?

In first world countries we have food available in such abundance, the choices are endless and at times it can all be a bit overwhelming. Unfortunately even though there is a wide selection of food available, much of what we find in the supermarkets is no longer in its natural state – minerals have been stripped, nutrients have been depleted and preservatives added.

at our retreats fuel your body with fresh local produce

A lot of this food is high in calories too, but because of the low levels of nutrients and minerals our bodies never feel satisfied. In fact many processed foods like this actually cost our bodies nutrients to digest!  This can leave us feeling tired and unsatisfied.

So despite many people in first world countries being overweight many are actualy undernourished. Without all the necessary nutrients our bodies cannot perform at an optimal level and many people feel tired, suffer from poor digestion or a range of other health problems that occur with suboptimal nutrition. For example let’s look at the liver. It is one of the hardest working organs in the body – involved in metabolism, synthesizing cholesterol, regulating hormones, filtering the blood, helping our immune system and processing toxins. If the liver doesn’t have the necessary tools (ie nutrients) then it cannot perform all these tasks efficiently. One example is that it cannot process toxins in a timely manner, so stores them. A safe place for the body to store toxins is in fat cells. So having more toxins in the body can halter weight loss, as the body does not want to let go of the fat cells until it can process the toxins.


Detoxing is about giving the body a break, in a way it’s like hitting the reset button and perfect time to lock in some new healthy eating habits. It is a term that is used a lot these days and can refer to a vast array of dietary methods aimed at cleansing the body. Juice and water fasting are at the severe end of the scale and tend to elicit a very rapid detox effect. If the body has not been prepared it can go into shock and experience a wide range of detox side effects such as headaches, nausea and lethargy.

detox isn’t just about taking things out of your diet – it’s about nourishing your body by adding an abundance of fresh vegetables & fruits

We focus on a more long term healthy eating approach, cutting processed foods, caffeine, alcohol and focusing on a largely vegetarian diet and reducing sugar, wheat and dairy. But detox isn’t just about taking things out of your diet – it’s about nourishing your body by adding an abundance of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbal teas water and trying new ingredients that you can sometimes use in place of wheat and dairy. In fact when focusing on adding new fresh ingredients in your diet you release you don’t think about caffeine and sugary snacks so often.



Keep it Simple!

enjoy health filled salads that are easy for you to recreate at home

Being healthy should be easy and simple.

Our philosophy is get back to the basics of good food, to un-complicate things rather than making life more difficult. That way you have more free time to do the things you enjoy in life. We look forward to you coming to the retreats so we can inspire you to become healthier and happier on a day to day basis.


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